Sustainability in Action

TonerPlas® in the Award-Winning M80 Ring Road Upgrade

Project Overview

The M80 Ring Road Upgrade Sydney Road to Edgars Road project, led by CPB Contractors and Major Road Projects Victoria, aimed to transform one of Melbourne’s busiest freeways to provide additional capacity and improve safety for over 165,000 daily drivers.

The Role of TonerPlas®

TonerPlas® is an 100% Australian innovation- created from waste toner and post-consumer soft plastics, it is utilised as an asphalt-improvement additive in road projects such as the M80 Ring Road Upgrade. TonerPlas® was incorporated into the asphalt mixture by CPB to improve road performance and longevity, while also lowering the whole of life carbon footprint of the asset. TonerPlas® was one of the key components in achieving the project’s sustainability goals in addition to enhancing road performance- an ideal solution that highlights the potential for innovative and sustainable solutions in major construction initiatives.

Project Results

CPB Contractors and Major Road Projects Victoria’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, highlighted by their use of TonerPlas®, has set a new standard for the industry.

Key Achievements:

The success of TonerPlas® in the M80 Ring Road Upgrade showcases the possibilities for its use in future projects across Australia. Close the Loop will continue to provide support and drive positive outcomes for stakeholders, industry, community, and the environment.  As we look to the future, we are excited about the potential for collaboration with all construction businesses and local governments.

Image Credit: Engineers Australia

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