Circular Contract By Close The Loop

The Circular Contract is Essential for Soft Plastic Recycling Effectiveness

How the Circular Contract works
When a party wants to have their soft plastic recycled, they agree to adhere to the structured guidelines outlined in our contract. These guidelines are crafted to ensure a seamless and effective recycling process.

1. Education and Training

CtL provides comprehensive training to supply chain partners about permissible plastic types. For instance, certain items like PVC pool toys are explicitly restricted.

2. Baling to CtL Specifications

Soft plastic is baled according to CtL specifications, adhering to predefined standards for size, type of strapping, and other essential criteria.

3. Coordinated Freight Management

CtL takes charge of coordinating freight logistics, eliminating uncertainties and ensuring no unknown arrivals. This streamlined approach enhances efficiency throughout the transportation process.

4. Service Commitment

Companies using Close the Loop services will commit to the service terms outlined in support of the recycling process.

5. Equivalent Amount Product Buy-Back

A crucial aspect of the Circular Contract involves the buy back of an equivalent amount of recyled product, such as our TonerPlas® or rFlex®.

To join the Circular Contract

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