Battery Program FAQs


What is the process of battery recycling?

Close the Loop have partnered with Envirostream for battery recycling. Envirostream’s technology is based on international best practice facilities utilising a combination of mechanical and hydraulic separation techniques to recover around 95% of the material.

What services can Close the Loop offer in terms of collection, transport or acceptance of batteries?

Close the Loop are offering an end-to-end battery collection and processing program. The program entails transport, recycling and reporting. Furthermore, we can customise our program to suit your business needs.

What type of batteries do you accept for recycling?

Batteries including; Alkaline, Lithium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Nickel Cadmium

How do to dispose of batteries?

  1. Tape over the terminals with clear packing tape or electrical tape.
  2. Insert together with all (+) terminals pointing in the same direction.
  3. Place the bagged batteries into Close the Loop recycling box

I am a customer located in a regional area, can I organise freight collections?

Yes, we provide collection services nationally. Please use the portal to organise a collection. Click here or you can email us on info@closetheloop.com.au or call on 1800 24 24 73.

Can I drop my recycling box off to a post office?

Yes, Australia post have 4,500 post offices across Australia. You can drop this box off to any post office.

What do I need to do prior to booking in a collection?

Please make sure you have followed our disposal instructions below. Follow these instructions to pack, secure and ship your products.

How do I organise a collection of my recycling box?

You have 3 options to organise your collection:

  1. Portal (Click here)
  2. Email: info@closestheloop.com.au
  3. Call us: 1800 24 24 73

When do I receive my battery collection box?

Delivery usually takes 3-5 business days after making payment. If you have not received your recycling box please call us on 1800 24 24 73.

Can I get a refund on my purchase?

We do provide refunds under appropriate circumstances. The recycling box will need to be sent back to Close the Loop. Upon successful inspection of the returned box Close the Loop will refund the funds back to you. Click here to read our return policy.

Can I get a discount if I buy multiple recycling boxes?

Yes, if you are looking to buy 5 or more boxes, please contact our customer service team to discuss potential discount options. Email: info@closestheloop.com.au Phone: 1800 24 24 73

What does the sale price of $89.95 entail?

This purchase price will cover all door to door transport and recycling costs. The purchase price of the box also covers the cost for the certified fireproof recycling box that has been approved for regular national transport. Click here to purchase now.

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