Battery Recycling Program

Whilst Close the Loop is well known for its environmental takeback programs, batteries are a very specialist stream. Close the Loop provides its reverse logistics capability and Customer Service infrastructure to deliver a national batteries collection program. Let’s keep batteries out of landfill and encourage everyone to recycle batteries

Battery Recycling Partnership

Close the Loop is partnering with Envirostream to develop a safe and innovative battery collection and recycling solution in Australia. Envirostream have a recovery rate of in excess of 95% and all batteries are recycled in Australia. No batteries are sent offshore for processing. This is a key deliverable of the program, and fundamental to why Close the Loop is partnering with Envirostream.

Batteries contain harmful substances including mercury, cadmium and lead. These chemicals and materials can be dangerous if mixed with other waste streams and cause damage to the environment if placed in landfill.

To help keep batteries out of landfill and encourage everyone to recycle batteries, Close the Loop offers a national battery recycling service for everyone. The different types of both single-use batteries and rechargeable batteries that we collect and recycle are listed below.

Close the Loop provide battery collection boxes (certified UL94) that are certified for secure storage and road transport.

Close the Loop provides door to door service nationally across Australia. When you are part of our program you don’t have to worry about organising your transport to have collection boxes returned for battery recycling.

Box dimensions: 22.4cm x 21.2cm x 16.2cm H

With an unbeatable market price of $89.95 each inc GST we will provide you with a secure storage box inclusive of all transport and handling costs. This price includes all the reverse logistics costs from anywhere in Australia to our recycling facilities.

Program Benefits

  • Delivery and collection of your battery box
  • UL94 Certified fire-proof box
  • Battery recycling and recovery
  • Resource recovery certificate

Program Cost

  • Pay $89.95 to be part of a vitally important program that contributes to a great environmental outcome

The revolutionary Envirostream system is the result of over 3 years of research and development. Envirostream’s ISO 14001 accredited, modular processing technology recovers in excess of 95% of the materials contained in a battery.

For more information please download the factsheet below.

If you are already part of our cartridge recycling program you can click here to login and purchase a battery box now using your existing credentials.

If you are new to the program click here to purchase a battery box and we can register you to our collection program.

If you have any further questions please refer to our FAQs alternatively, you can email us at info@closetheloop.com.au or call us on 1800 24 24 73.

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