Sustainability in Action



Close the Loop partnered with StarMedia Productions to produce a news segment highlighting Close the Loop.  “EARTH” with John Holden is an exciting and insightful, half hour magazine style National Television Series that deals with one of the most important issues confronting corporations, households, individuals and governments today.  What we can do as a global community to help our planet and its inhabitants!

John Holden, a six time Emmy award winner and former NBC News Correspondent, comes to Close the Loop in his constant search to make our planet and its inhabitants healthier, better and stronger! Close the Loop’s ideas and technologies are highlighted to show a corporation doing good in a world that needs to continue and grow in building a circular economy.

Each episode of “EARTH” is focused on how today’s decisions are affecting Earth now and our future generations – Close the Loop is proud of what we do here to help our global community, our planet and its inhabitants!


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