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Enviroliner™ is perhaps the most advanced felt tip pen on the market today in terms of environmental innovation. Your Enviroliner™ felt tip pen is the first in the world to ever use post–consumer recycled (PCR) ink from end of life inkjet cartridges. The actual ingredients that make up the remaining 20% of the ink in this pen are a trade secret, but they are non-toxic additives to blend and refine the black, yellow, cyan, and magenta dyes from high quality inkjet cartridges. The additives also help raise the surface tension, so the ink works perfectly in pens.

The plastic housings of all Enviroliner™ pens are also made from PCR plastic sourced from waste inkjet cartridges. The engineering grade polypropylene (PP) has been sourced from Close the Loop’s inkjet cartridge recycling lines in Australia and the USA. They contain no additives which means that 100% of the plastic housing (including the cap) is recycled material

All this innovation, combined with a committed team of people, has enabled the production of perhaps the world’s most environmentally conscious felt tip pens ever.


  • Use of 80% recycled ink
  • Plastic pen body is 100% PCR PP (Post-Consumer Recycled Polypropylene)
  • Available only in black ink


  • For use in “green” team initiatives, staff have a tangible item as a result of their recycling
  • Pens can be used as corporate gifts
  • Your Enviroliner™ pen can be recycled over and over again just by placing your used pen back in your printer cartridge recycling box
  • Purchasing recycled pens is a great Corporate Social Responsibility initiative


  • 1-1,000 – $1.75/pen
  • 1,001-5,000 – $1.40/pen
  • 5,001+ – $1.10/pen

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‘This pen used to be an inkjet cartridge’

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