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Close the Loop with our Free Cartridge Recycling Program for Schools

Every Australian school should join our free cartridge recycling program. Recycling programs improve your school’s environmental footprint and help engage children with the benefits of reuse, recovery and recycling. This in turn helps foster positive behaviours in our kids, encouraging them to think about sustainability in their daily lives.  

While our society continues to become more digital-focused, schools are still large users of printer cartridges and should be active in recycling them. From the creation of teaching materials, homework sheets, and posters, to various office administration and paperwork, printing remains a vital piece of the education space. Sadly many printer cartridges continue to be thrown away, which is where Close the Loop can assist.

  • It’s FREE! 
  • It keeps materials in use 
  • It reduces waste 
  • It educates students  
  • It attributes to your schools sustainability goals 
  • It provides certificates to show your impact

Our free cartridge recycling program is a way for schools to engage students in sustainable practices, shaping positive attitudes towards recycling while allowing kids to make a real difference.  

Not only will it help schools divert waste from landfill, but will educate kids on other impacts such as lowering carbon emissions and preventing plastics from entering our environment. On top of that, students can lead by example and bring in used cartridges from their homes, inspiring their parents while increasing the volume of print cartridges that your school is helping recycle. 

Close the Loop is proud to have partnered with Planet Ark since 2003 for the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark (C4PA) program. Through this partnership, we collect printer cartridges and carefully sort them, determining the most suitable recycling method for each one. Check out the infographic below to see how we recycle printer cartridges after collecting.

Get the educational resources created by Planet Ark to start inspiring your students engaging with the cartridge recycling program

Image Credit: Planet Ark

The Schools Recycle Right Challenge runs from 7 October to 17 November 2024 
The challenge will offer a wide range of recycling themed activities including cartridge recycling.

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