Consumer product manufacturers can all benefit from our wide range of environmental consultation services. Whether it be information on Custom Programs (End of Life (EoL) product management, recycling compliance etc) Data capture, Carbon Assessments and DfE we can help.

Design for Environment (DfE)

Products can be designed with their end of use in mind. By “designing for environment”, more of the valuable materials can be extracted, reduce the recycling effort, improve prospects for reuse, and recovering materials with a higher value.

Other Services

Comprehensive reporting, counterfeit destruction, end of life take-back programs, bulk waste recycling; the list is endless to the variety of collection, data capture and product stewardship services all with proven zero-waste solutions.

Globally, Close the Loop can assist you with an Extended Producer solution.

 Post Consumer Plastics

Annually thousands of tonnes of post consumer recyclate (PCR) plastics are thrown away to landfill. Through years of developing technologies to recycle engineering grade plastics CtL now offers its expertise to recycle PCR from varying industries.

From HIPs, ABS, PS to HDPE and LDPE all different types of plastics and products, CtL can provide a collection infrastructure and network.

For more information on this service or any on this list, email Peter Tamblyn peter@closetheloop.com.au

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