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For Corporate, SMB customers and Government Departments the following services may assist you in meeting your organisational requirements regarding environmental and sustainable credentials:

Detailed reporting

Whether it’s a legislative requirement, conforming to organisational policies or gaining an opportunity to promote your environmental achievements, our reporting service will help. Tailored to both manufacturers and large users, we can provide the reports that can help your business run more efficiently.

With a unique, purpose-built database that we use to capture all data on each cartridge, we can tell manufacturers which of their product types have been collected from specific, sectors, industries, customers or collection areas (e.g. by post code or state).

For corporate and government users, we can provide detailed information designed to enhance ‘Triple Bottom Line’ and ‘Waste Reduction and Purchasing Policy’ reporting.

Resource Recovery Certificates document the total weight of waste diverted from landfill and can be issued quarterly. These certificates are great for Environmental Managers to report on waste management volumes.

Download Example Resource Recovery Certificate

Return Reports are a comprehensive quarterly overview of all items and weights returned showing description, brand and quantity. These reports are good for analysing usage across a number of locations and are often reviewed by purchasing and procurement.

Download Example Return Report

To find out more about these services simply email csteam@closetheloop.com.au


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