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Intranet Information

Promote your new recycling program internally to all employees. Use our handy resources to create ‘intranet news’ or to regularly update and congratulate your staff on the good work they are doing!

Downloadable poster

A downloadable and printable poster with space for you to write in the location of your collection boxes around the office. Simply place the poster in your print room or near the printer.

Download C4PA poster 1
Download C4PA poster 2

Adaptable email

Email templates for you to adapt and send to staff to let them know about the program and to encourage them to bring their cartridges in from home.

Download Email template

Recycling schematic

This handy cartridge recycling diagram shows just what happens to all the cartridges that go into a Cartridges 4 Planet Ark box.


We’ve selected a few interesting books and identified some other sources of useful information related to zero waste, recycling and resource recovery. Take a look.

Corporate Information & Marketing Tools

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